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It’s been a long time coming and we are so excited to have a new perfect way to keep you informed of local events and venues, new gear, how-to articles and a whole lot more. Our website is now updated and includes our new blog.

See, we just have this feeling that you are not taking full advantage of God’s creation in which we are so blessed with in the Ozarks and we want to inspire and educate you to maximize your outdoor adventure. That’s really why Sulphur Creek Outfitters exists.

We will always try to post a link on Facebook and other media when we post a new blog entry on all things outdoors including camping, hiking, hammocking, paddling, cycling, fly and conventional fishing, disc golf, outdoor clothing and footwear, birdwatching, electronics, optics, maps and guides, books, gifts, rock climbing and a lot more. You can also expect updates on the progress of the Sulphur Creek Trail system which is now under construction, Trumpeter Swan activity and local happenings and venues.

Like many of our ventures, this will be an experiment driven by your interest and engagement. We promise to always make it inspiring and educational and worth your time.

Our next post will be all about the changes coming up soon … can you say Trailhead Wheels? We are also about to launch another web page where you can select and download local cycling routes, hiking trails, paddling access points, disc golf courses and a lot more. See you soon.

Happy Trails,


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