How It All Started…

Sulphur Creek Outfitters was born from a vision to unite the community in fitness, environmental awareness and appreciation for the Arkansas Natural State. An avid cyclist and lover of the outdoors, owner Frank Wimberley founded the Greers Ferry Lake Council in 2009 to create and manage a multi-use trail system for the Greers Ferry Lake Area. Through his time on the Council, Frank saw the need for outdoor sports services emerge, and – with the business expertise of Frank Barton – he sought to meet those needs.

The vision for Sulphur Creek Outfitters first began as a one stop shop for bike purchases, rentals and repairs. This idea soon expanded to accommodate the need for kayak, canoe and paddleboard rentals and repairs; outdoor clothing and gear sales; shuttle service; books, guides and gifts and more. Sulphur Creek Outfitters opened its doors with these services in place but will continually evolve to fulfill the demands of the community.

Frank’s involvement in the Arkansas environment doesn’t stop there. He is a member of the Sugarloaf Heritage Council dedicated to keeping that iconic mountain clean and pristine. Frank’s vision and passion to achieve “Bike Friendly” status in Heber Springs will be a major focus in the future. As a dedicated community participant, Frank is also a former president of the Little Red Industrial Training Council and a member of Heber Springs First United Methodist Church.

At Sulphur Creek Outfitters, we operate so that the Heber Springs community can enjoy the outdoors to the fullest extent. Thank you for joining us in accomplishing this mission.

What Our Customers Say


Sulphur Creek Outfitters is going to be a great addition to the Greers Ferry lake area. My girlfriend and I rented kayaks for a 1/2-day float on the Little Red River and we had a wonderful time. Frank was so friendly and knowledgeable about the equipment. We can't wait to see what else this business offers! It's definitely a great start to get out and explore Arkansas.

Dain Carver

Excellent service, great people and paradise. It doesn't get any better than this! So glad you are here!

Debbi Brawley

Stopped in for info on kayak rentals. The SCO team went out of their way to explain the different models... Even pulling them off the trailer to show me the bottom design! Can't wait to try one!

Terry Smith

Great knowledgeable staff. They can take care of all your outdoor gear needs!!

Luis Martir

Our Team

Frank Wimberley

Frank Wimberley is a Vietnam Era Navy veteran. He started United Plastics Technology Inc. in 1989 and moved it and his family from Colorado to Heber Springs in 1996. Mr. Wimberley is president of UPT. He started Sulphur Creek Outfitters in May, 2015. Although this post-retirement plan was meant for a 2020 startup, he credits several factors contributing to the decision: 1) The current location, which is ideal, became available, 2) Darren Cone agreed to help with building upgrades and to manage the store and 3) Frank Barton, a close friend with outfitting experience agreed to help as a consultant. Then other positive factors played a part in confirming the decision and SCO was born. Since opening the store SCO has expanded by over 3000 square feet and is located on both sides of South 7th Street.

Frank is also active in the Heber Springs community. He is past president of the Little Red Training Council and worked with Arkansas Community of Excellence in the Governor Huckabee days. He founded the Greer’s Ferry Lake Trails council in 2008 of which he is still a charter member of that board. He is active with the newly formed Kickstart Heber Springs consortium and co-chairs the Quality of Life and Place with Stan Lee. He is a member of the Sugarloaf Heritage Council, The Arkansas Trails Council, The Little Red River Foundation, the International Mountain Bike Association, Rails to Trails and attends New Life Church.

Mr. Wimberley’s vision for the community and environment is fueled by his passion for trails and cycling. He hopes to see the 10 – mile trail multiuser trail system completed and Heber Springs to become a bike friendly community someday.

Valarie Thayer

General Manager
Valarie is the General Manager here at Sulphur Creek Outfitters. She has been a part of Sulphur Creek Outfitters for a little over 2 years. Her favorite things to do outdoors are fishing, walking trails, and swimming. She has recently started kayaking and plans to kayak the Buffalo River someday.

Currently, Valarie lives in Heber Springs with her fiancé Aaron Cannon. She has graduated high school and has plans to pursue college courses later on and be a big part of Sulphur Creek Outfitters in the future.

Ashli Carson

Hello! My name is Ashli Carson. I am a self-motivated, down-to-earth Arkansas native. I have an Associate’s degree in Industrial Technology but my true LOVE is everything outdoors (minus snakes and spiders). I am married to an Army Veteran named Kenneth Carson. We have 3 amazing children that have grown way too quickly but it has been an experience watching them do so! I am from Batesville, Arkansas and my husband is from Ash Flat, Arkansas. We decided when we got married that when it came time to purchase a home, we wanted to live in a place that would serve our interests and after stumbling upon Heber Springs during a VA appointment, we fell in love with the place a year later almost to the day, we purchased our first home!

We love to go outside for a hike, and enjoy the beauty of the ever-changing but ALWAYS stabilizing outdoors. Hammocking is always a must! One of our favorite things about our backyard is just that! Kayaking, Yes! Kenneth loves to fish and I love to read and listen to music while getting a tan! I also have a technical degree in Horticulture and a deep interest in plants, needless to say, I think I’m a photographer on a nice adventure out! As a family, sometimes we feel like life has a way of spinning too quickly, for us, it’s about the calm of listening to the nature can bring or the beauty of the wildlife around you. Our family is still young and our interest is still growing after working at Sulphur Creek it continues to enhance our interest in the world right outside our door!